"Smart" RFCoordinator

RF Spectrum Analyzer and Frequency Coordination Software

RFCoordinator is an advanced software application designed for the wireless, professional audio industry. Combining RF spectrum and intermodulaton analysis its computational engine rapidly generates frequency sets of intermodulation distortion-free (IMD-free) radio frequencies, applying the patented "Smart Frequency Set" algorithm. The resultant frequency sets are used for frequency coordination -- that is, assigning the most reliable channels to your wireless transmitters.  

RFCoordinator uses an RF Explorer spectrum analyzer for data acquisition.  Combining real-time spectrum traces with intermodulation analysis, RFCoordinator enables users to coordinate channel assignments for wireless transmitters, monitor RF signals, troubleshoot RF issues, and detect sources of RF interference. 

Real-time Analysis

Using an RF Explorer spectrum analyzer for data acquisition, RFCoordinator combines RF spectrum scans and intermodulation analysis in realtime.

Monitored Frequencies

The Smart Frequency Set is monitored in realtime -- the timecourse chart allows you to visualize whether the current Smart Frequency Set performs as expected over a period of time.

Reserved Frequencies (imported via *.csv file)

A reserved frequency is one that will always be included in the frequency set. Reserved frequencies provides a means for you to enter one or more frequencies into the coordination when a particular device is considered mandatory. For example, facilities or events often have a pool of existing equipment to which channels will need to be added. Also guest systems using preconfigured channels may have to be integrated and coordinated with resident systems.                

Channel Bands (imported via *.csv file)

Channel Bands allow you to organize the frequencies within a frequency set into different groups based on their frequency ranges. Channel Bands may overlap one another -- in which case certain frequencies may belong to more than one channel band. It is important to note that frequencies not included within a Channel Band will be locked-out of the intermodulation analysis.

Lockout Bands (imported via *.csv file)

This feature allows you to lock out frequency ranges of your choosing and can be used to exclude DTV stations. Frequencies within the locked-out bands are removed from 

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